How to Aim Better in Pubg

If you want to learn how to aim better in pubg, then read this. Learning how to shoot in pubg or “planking” as some players call it is an important part of the pub experience. Aiming is very important for either winning it or enhancing your gameplay. Having your aim correct is a must to win any game which involves guns since if you cannot hit the target then you won’t be able to shoot at anything. Shooting games such as PUBG and fortnite mostly depend on aiming badly.


So, in order to improve your aim you should increase your sensitivity. This does not mean that you increase the sensitivity of your shooting. What you actually do is change the sensitivity settings on your mouse. The sensitivity here refers to the “sensitizing” of your mouse.


Basically the “sensitivity” here means how sensitive your camera is when you move your mouse. How sensitive your camera sensitivity is will determine your range of motion when you are aiming in pubg. If you are used to playing on big maps with lots of cover then this setting would be the best for you. A high sensitivity setting will make you move your mouse more when you are moving around the map. I don’t recommend having a high sensitivity setting for snipers. This would depend on your skill of hitting people from long range.


Another factor which affects the sensitivity setting is the type of game you are playing. Each type of shooting has it’s own aiming techniques and needs. For example, most of the time the lower sensitivity aiming techniques are used by snipers. In pubs the other types of shooters use high levels of aiming and therefore need a much higher level of turning precision than the sniper.


How to aim better in pubg would also depend on the ability of your weapon. If you have a weapon that has a high firing rate then you are going to want a much larger range of sensitivity. The best sensitivity settings for rifles are around one or two mils, anything over that and you should really consider adjusting your aiming down.


Scopes are another factor that can affect your aiming when you are playing the game. The scope allows you to adjust the amount of light that goes through your view scope. What I recommend is having the smallest scope that you can afford. The smallest scope allows you to get closer to your target and increase your chances of shooting accurately. Having the largest scope possible would just put you at a greater distance from the person you are shooting at.


Other things that affect your aiming while pubg is the physical condition of your arms and hand. First off do not hold the gun too tightly, especially with automatic fire. This tightens up your biceps and rotator cuff, which are two muscles that help you move properly in the air. Next, remember that if you are used to holding a rifle long ago then you might not be as quick on your feet as you used to be. If your hands are not used to being relaxed, then you will want to read up on how to aim better in pubg.


A final factor in learning how to aim better in pubg is your shooting equipment. When you are on a shooting range look at the different shooting equipment that there is available. If you have a gas pistol, then you will want to look at getting a scope that uses the gas process for aiming, because as stated before it has a higher level of sensitivity. If you are only using a semi-automatic, then a good scope to use is a 2X scope, because it has a laser sight and will help you get an accurate shot.

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