How to Get Clothes in Pubg Xbox For Free

If you are an Xbox gamer then you might already know how to get clothes in Pubg Xbox. This article will teach you a very easy method on how to get clothes in Pubg Xbox for free. We all know that the in-game purchases can cost $50 or more, but with this method you will be able to get the same clothing you have been getting for several months at no cost.

How to get clothes in Pubg Xbox is very easy, all you have to do is visit the public Xbox store in your area and talk with the associates there about the codes they have for this type of purchase. One owners even get access to all the needed items for the best gaming experience. While PUBG might not give an excessive amount of free content, the game is amazingly reproducible.


When you open up the Xbox console you will see all the items inside the crate contents. After going through the crates you will be rewarded with clothes, hats, weapons, food and drink. All the codes are right there in front of you and they will allow you to purchase whatever items you want to. You can unlock more cosmetic items by spending extra time in the game and unlocking more hi-top trainers, beer coolers and soda coolers.

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