Pubg has gained a lot of attention and becomes a top-grossing game whose monthly revenue was till the may is 146$.

Nowadays, every PUBG gamer wants to be pro in Pubg. but that’s not so easy. But you can your goal and achieve in Pubg and become Pro in Game.

In this post, I listed 74 Tips, by which you can be an expert in Pubg in a short span of time.

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Top Best PUBG Tips and Tricks

Setting up and Basic Controls

1. Remember to keep your Guns away (for that you can use the Gun key in your PC), so you will be run faster at around 7% more speed. Meaning you can sprint six percent faster.


2. You should remove the shoes while playing the game, barefoot, you will be able to run as fast as you wear running shoes, but this will keep the peace. So that your enemies will not know your presence.

3. You can fill fuel as soon as you sit in your Vehicle. For this, you have to keep your car stable. After that, you have to click on Mehsud Canister in your inventory.

4. When you are playing with your team, you must use map markers like North, South, East, and West with Direction Number. This allows you to navigate your team members and locate enemy direction quickly.

5. You can also listen to the voice chat of your enemies. Sometimes your enemies forget to do private conversation, which you can exploit by taking advantage of them. And you can also make a private chat for your team.

6. Remember to toggle your fire rate from the right mouse key or left on the D-pad on the smartphone. It will make you more comfortable to play Pubg.

7. Most of the players don’t know that there are two or three types of aiming. First is Hip fire, a more accurate hip-fire (which requires holding the right mouse button), and aiming-down-sights (‘ADS,’ for this, taping the right mouse button). You have to go directly in ADS change settings, and by holding your right-click, you can do this without toggling it on / off.


How to make master Strategies and Priorities

8. Getting into the big city at the beginning of the game can be quite dangerous as you will get plenty of Loot there, but there will be more numbers of enemies found, so you should land on small clusters in the range of your parachute and collect Guns as soon as possible. Then You should go to the big area.


9. In this game, you have to take the few most important things, such as an Assault Rifle(ARs), Backpack, Medikit, a bulletproof vest, healing items. The higher-level items you take then the long time you will survive.

10. At the beginning of the game, all building doors remain closed, so if you see an open door, then understand that there has been Loot or there is an enemy hidden. So if you have to hide and strike, then you will always have to close the doors. So that your enemy will feel that there are loot items, and he will come into that house without caution.

11. You may suffer damage if you fall from the building, so if you are jumping between two buildings, then jump carefully, If you fall from more height, the more damage you will have to face.

12. If someone is firing on you and you do not understand where the fire is coming, you should sit down or lie down and run away as soon as possible and try to run in the zig-zag manner so that you will not get hurt and take cover from a shelter. Use a car or vehicle to escape if you can.

13. Always clear buildings (unless you’re very rushed) before looting. It’s very easy to bait people into feeling secure by leaving loot on the ground, then shoot them in the back.

14. When you are fighting with many people together, then ignore the enemy who has been injured. Because he cannot attack you until he is rescued. Here you should attack that other attacker who is still alive and is attacking you.pubg-buggy

15. Vehicles are an excellent option to cover vast distances quickly, but they make a lot of noise, which attracts unwanted enemies to themselves. Therefore it is vital to use them properly.

16. Vehicles can fall from the mountains, even explode if they hit something with speed. Always park the car in the correct place so that it does not slide. And if any vehicle start explodes, then you should leave as soon as possible.

17. Not all scopes work with all guns. As the 8X scope cannot be attached to the M16 because this designed for balance, you cannot fit the scope in an Assult Rifle also.PUBG-level-3-Helmet

18. Be sure to know about your helmets because not all helmets can protect you from an attack in all ways. As the Kr98 helmet cannot protect you from sniper attacks. But level 3 of the same helmet can save you from its damage.

19. After playing Pubg for some time, Pistol proves very useless. Yes, you hear right. If you have an automatic pistol P18C, that can work like an SMG, it is right to keep, or if you do not have any good weapons. Otherwise, by keeping it, you are just wasting your inventory space and nothing else.

20. Damaged high-level armor is more dangerous than low-level armor. You can know this while playing.

21. Always avoid bridges because enemies are hidden in it to kill you. It is better you can reach another place by swimming or using a boat.loot

22. Most of the players are killed while looting, so take care as much as possible.


More Controls and PC Hotkeys You Must remember:

23. Hold ‘Alt’ or hold RB on Xbox if you want to look back while moving. This is very useful when walking in the forest and jumping from the plane.

24. You can hold ‘C’ to dive underwater while swimming. And can hold ‘Space’ to rise.

25. In-Vehicle, you can toggle seats with the help of ‘Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6’, where ‘Ctrl + 1’ allows you to sit in the driver seat.

26. In Emulator, you can auto-sprint by pressing ‘=’.

27. If you are using Emulator, then here you can use ‘Q’ to Lean left and ‘E’ to the right, while aiming. and aiming at Xbox by clicking on sticks. With this technique, you can save yourself from a headshot attack.

28. Hold ‘Shift’ or left trigger. This can give you a boost in vehicles.

29. For an aggressive turn, you can use a vehicle handbrake.

30. If you want to control motorbikes in the air, then for this you have to press ‘Space’ + ‘Left Ctrl.’

31. You can press ‘V’ on PC or RB on Xbox to toggle the first and third person.

32. Hold your breath while you are aiming, for this, you have to use ‘Shift’ or LB Xbox (only in ADS).

33. If you want to watch your bullet drop while aiming, then for this you have to hold ‘Left Mouse-Button’ in exchange for tapping for the shoot.

34. You can use ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ while weapon zeroing changes.pubg-graned

35. If you want to use grenade from the inventory, then you can either press ‘G’ or cycle your mouse wheel.

36. You can press ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’, and ‘0’ to use Healing items. For this, you do not need to open the inventory screen.

37. You can hold the ‘Left Mouse-Button’ to roll the grenades while you can use the ‘Right Mouse-Button’ to throw it.

38. You can disable HUD altogether if any on-screen markers get in your way, then you have to press ‘Ctrl + U’.

Some of PUBG’s advanced tips for using medkits and grenades


Strategies from which you can roam around Battleground

39. After the new version of PUBG comes, you do not need to be master any more crouch-jump, because now vaulting is taking its place.

40. To climb any roof, you can use the Crouch-jump from a balcony; for this, you must first open the door, do the crouch-jumping, and then jump again from the top of the entrance to the roof. This is the best for sniping.

41. You can also do a challenging jump by jumping crouch from your roof. For this, you have to run above the railings or raised areas.m416-gun

42. You can use the M16 as a rapid-firing automatic weapon in its burst fire mode, for this, you have to control the recoil and click on timing correctly so that you can do maximum damage.


How to use Medikits properly?Heal-MedKit

43. There are only two ways in the game that they can heal themselves up to 100% – first is a rare medkit where you can instantly heal your health up to 100% and second is ‘boost’ items like Energy Drinks and Painkillers, that will heal you from time to time.

44. With both bandages and First Aid Kits, you can recover health up to 75 percent, but here First Aid Kits works more quickly, that too in 7 seconds after its application, the same bandages have to apply again and again. It also takes time to heal. Therefore, first aid kits should be saved and used only when needed.

45. A good tip is that I am going to talk about using bandages correctly. When you use a dressing bandage, gradually your health increases and as soon as its effect starts decreasing, you use another bandage. With this, you can use bandage properly.

46. ​​When you use a healing item, and when only 0.5 seconds are left in the timer, then you can start to move without canceling it. You can also use healing items by becoming a passenger.


Grenade Tips and Inventory Tricks at PUBG

47. Different items take the place of varying amounts in your inventory – for example, First Aid Kits are much larger than the bandages, so choose the items carefully.

48. If you want, you can take more items with you, and you can equip big items, load ammo in Guns. With this, you can save in your inventory space and carry the goods you need.

49. 49. Try as much as possible to take the things you need, take it with yourself, it means to choose your weapon according to the battle.


PUBG Combat Tips: Where and how to fight or hide

50. If you want to go on the top spot without fighting, then this can be the perfect strategy for you, but if you want to learn the game and enjoy the game, then you should in busy spots during the game. 

51. If you want the be in-game as much as you want without coming anyone’s eyes, hiding in a boat, or hiding in the top of a mountain, then you can do this work without looking in the best way. And you can also reach safe zones with the help of some spare fuel.

52. It is very easy to make headshots while attacking Melee, and yes, headshot punches do more damage than necessary.

53. If you start killing someone with your own hands, then you should also fight with it, even if you give him a couple of headshots, you can still win this fight easily.

54. If you are playing for practice, then it is okay, but if you are playing seriously, then do not waste anything with anyone. Until you are completely sure that you can win that fight easily. Otherwise, you will quickly die in this game.

55. If you talk about running, then you can run away from it. if you run in zig-zag way barefoot only and try to stay away from the line of sight of enemies. Most people chase you for some specific purpose.

56. If you do not have good weapons, then there is absolutely no reason to panic. Because if you use the right strategy, then you can quickly get a good loot by killing someone. It is important for a player how you handle a situation. Weapons are secondary things.

57. Do not use too small huts to hide because it can make you a victim of the grenade attack of an enemy.


PUBG Combat Tips: When you are fighting

58. Spend more time leaning and how to lean in the corners and make enemies less visible. For this, they can use Q and E. By leaning in the right direction; you can avoid the eyes of your enemies more.

59. If you know that a fight is going to come forward or you have to go to a dangerous place, then you will get a ‘boost’ item such as Painkillers or Energy Drinks, so that it will slowly heal your health and they will also provide extra speed.

60. Long grass can only save you from the enemy in a short distance. At the same time, if you think that it can protect you from enemies, then let me tell you that a sniper can target you right away in the long-range.

61. Using the “alt” button it helps you to look back if you want to protect yourself from others. But while releasing it, pay some attention to how you can avoid others.

62. You can use Loot, especially healing equipment such as First Aid kits, as bait. So leave them on the floor and go and keep hiding nearby. This will make others feel that no one has come there yet. And in such a situation, while collecting them, you can kill them easily.

63. Be careful about which way the door is closed while hiding in the room. Hide the side of the door so that even if someone opens the door, you can not see it, but only after closing the door, you can be seen. In this case, you will get much time to die for them.

64. While entering any building, always note that you turn your eyes in all directions so that you can see any stranger and never guess that if there is a loot method there, then no one has come because This happens less often.

65. You can use Grenades to clear small huts. Or such buildings where you feel that an enemy has been sheltered.pubg-smoke-graned

66. Always save the Smoke grenades so that you can get washed away in the eyes of your enemies. They should be used only to provide cover or to create a distraction in times of emergencies.

67. Use ADS (aiming down sights) more in place of hip fire. At least believe shotguns and SMGs in hip-fire too, because their spread is very less.


You can win Battlegrounds in late-game by using advanced PUBG tips:


68. When you get any smaller safe zones, it usually is only till the last 10 and 15, so you should kill all opponents as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can attack them later.

69. There are two main strategies that you can easily reach in Final Zone by following. For this, you have to kill all the opponents as soon as possible, and with this, you have to find a place where only one person can live like you are behind a small rock, a room with only one door and no windows With this you can keep yourself safe from others.

70. If you are getting late, then you should wait before making any move. So keep one eye on the blue circle, and play only in the edges of the area. Because your enemies can see you when you move. Because the zone becomes smaller, you will get more enemies in a short time.

71. You must have knowledge of all-terrain. For this, you have to know about the Erangel map, Miramar map, and best PUBG loot locations guides. You have to think before each of your steps. And never go behind the emotion and open the game properly.

72. If you reach a safe location soon, then keep some decent long-range weapons for yourself, after that, you should find some safe buildings and stay there and wait for others. Because the area gets smaller with time, the rest have to come outbound. So always pay attention to the blue circle. And make sure to pay attention to your entry and exit points.

73. Remember that Trees are never a better cover. A forest can be an excellent visual cover when you are going to longish distances, but you often forget that even hiding behind such trees is not completely safe. Therefore, such hiding places should not be given much importance.

74. When you reach the final three, then protect yourself from others. Never join an unnecessary fight. This may put you at risk of losing. So take such a risk only if you need more. Play carefully, and do not take unnecessary risks.

Best of luck with your game. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.